In some cases, the copyright of publications may be held by the press that publishes the journal or book, not me. Regardless each link leads to a full-text copy of the publication.

book chapters

articles & reviews

  • "Sari Kawana, The Uses of Literature in Modern Japan: Histories and Cultures of the Book." Book review, East Asian Publishing & Society 9, no. 1 (February 2019). (preprint PDF)
  • "Inventing Saikaku: Collectors, Provenance, and the Social Creation of an Author." Book History 20 (2017), p. 274-306. (preprint PDF)
  • "The Digital Archive of Japan's 2011 Disasters" (review). Dissertation Reviews (2015).
  • dissertation

    “Editing Identity: Literary Anthologies and the Construction of the Author in Meiji Japan” - defended in 2012 for my PhD in Asian Languages & Cultures, University of Michigan.


    "Geoparsing 19th-Century Travel Narratives" -- Final project and report for Prof. Dragomir Radev's UMSI NLP course in Spring 2011. This includes supporting documents like my project's (now inscrutable) Java source code and analysis of what worked and what didn't. If you're interested in thinking outside the box about sentiment analysis, perhaps it will be of interest!