East Asian DH Guides

Below are overviews, syllabi, guides, and how-tos I've made about "doing" the challenging work of East Asian digital humanities over the years. They skew toward Mac/Linux; scripts implemented in Python; and analyzing texts rather than other kinds of sources. I am no longer adding new content but slowly converting some older documents into friendly HTML instead of PDF or similar. I will update as I can get to them, and links will always be redirected as I do it.

BUT - if something you expected to find here has mysteriously vanished, please don't hesitate to email me. I don't use analytics on this site so I probably had no idea you'd miss it.

East Asian DH Syllabus & Resource Lists

Documentation: Tutorials and Processes

Workshop Slides

Note: These slides are more for posterity and the details -- URLs, availability of platforms or projects -- may not be accurate now, as they were originally presented during my work at the Penn Libraries between 2013-2017. Feel free to adapt them for your own use but I wouldn't recommend doing so as-is.