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Rust belt native, and with a few exceptions, didn't achieve escape velocity from said region for a surprisingly long time. I have settled in my adopted American home of Philadelphia (my Japanese hometown will always be Fukuoka), in a mini house on a mini street with a very elderly cat. For now.

In a past life I was very involved in promoting "digital humanities" in the context of "East Asian Studies." My use of air-quotes there is deliberate! You'll find a lot of materials I made for various workshops, the graduate seminar I taught in 2018 at Penn, and just to share information, here on this website - but please be aware that it's no longer actively updated. Of course you will find my Opinions too because I am full of them. See also: Philly as adopted home.

As a scholar I was, however, focused on book history and especially that of the mid-to-late Meiji period in Japan. Since it is not such a hot topic, although in my book it is the most interesting thing ever, many fewer of my presentations have been about this but I tried to make time and energy where possible to publish a few items. The publications page has citations and full-text copies that I am allowed to post (including a peer-reviewed article, some book chapters, and a book review). Several of these came out of further developing ideas from my dissertation (big PDF download), which is also openly available. You can skip to a detailed abstract of each chapter to save some time.